3 Inspirations of 4-storey luxury home

Rumah / 9 May, 2020

3 Inspirations of 4-storey luxury home

3 Inspirations of 4-storey luxury home architecture with a contemporary minimalist design

four-storey stimulates the imagination of imagining a stately and comfortable home design. Not only that, this model house is also usually equipped with expensive materials with unique details.

A house with four floors can be arranged by bringing minimalist architecture into its design, such as Scope’s work.

Then, what does the house design look like? How comfortable is the four-storey house that is presented and properly categorized as a home sweet home? Check out the following summary of Arsitag.

1. Exterior of Contemporary Luxury Homes

Having a luxury home in one of the elite areas in Kembangan, West Jakarta, means opening up opportunities to explore contemporary styles according to your needs and desires.

The horizontal and vertical line play that characterizes the minimalist design is displayed boldly through the entire building-forming elements of the exterior. The facade of the four-storey house forms a high beam-shaped mass which is then emphasized by sunscreen fields on the third and fourth floors.

In addition to protecting the house from the sun, sunscreen is an exterior aesthetic element that makes the facade look even more elegant. The front of the building is dominated by windows to optimize access to lighting and air circulation in a house located in this narrow plot.

In order not to be monotonous, the dimensions and details of the windows on each floor are different, according to the needs of the space inside.

2. Lift Makes It Easy to Access Four-storey Houses
According to safety standards, buildings two or more floors should be equipped with elevators. This contemporary four-storey luxury house has an elevator for easy access.

The simple and sleek lift door area also plays a role in creating an elegant and minimalist impression through its natural silver lines and colors. The main family rooms are located on the third floor.

The room was deliberately designed open. Integrating the living room, kitchen and dining room that looks attractive with unique details. Horizontal lines extending to the ceiling, offset by vertical lines on the wall next to the television rack along with rows of windows along the walls of the dining room area.

Cozy impression created from white gypsum ceiling design equipped with bright light from a row of windows. This is useful to balance the dark brown natural parquet ceiling.

3. Integration of Dining Room and Kitchen in a Comfortable Open Space
Due to the complementary functions and flow of movements, it makes the kitchen and dining room unified into a perfect partner in an open space.

Placement of the kitchen near the window into the area when the air changes to cook so that the smoke and aroma of cooking does not fill the room. The dining area adjacent to the balcony creates an alfresco dining feel that is comfortable and elegant.